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Arcane Annihilation

March 2023 - May 2023

Dungeons: Welcome

For my second Masters collaboration project we were given an open brief, We decided to create a magical themed run-and gun FPS inspired by RoboQuest. My main focus was on creating the randomised weapons system. While other designers focused on the dynamic movement system & the Enemies.

Fight against endless waves of zombies as you try out randomly generated weapons or avoid them completely using the in-depth movement system.

Dungeons: Projects

In this project I took on a Produyction & Technical Designer role.
Roles and responsibilities:


  • Manage Trello

  • Coordinate communication between disciplines

Key Technical Design Contributions

  • Create Weapon System

    • Create Data Assets

    • Create modular weapon logic

    • Create Manager

  • Create Guide Document

For this project I took ownership of the randomised weapon system inspired by Borderlands 2. The system works Through data assets which store all required variables to make a working weapon, as well as modular component logic to easily create different weapon firing logic.

To help explain this system to the designers I also created a supporting guide which can be viewed below.

Arcane: Weapon System Guide Page

Dungeons: Projects
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