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Enter the Drunkgeon

February 2023 - March 2023

Dungeons: Welcome

For my first Masters collaborative project we were tasked to create a game to the theme of Heineken. For this we decided to create a wacky raunchy isometric shooter inspired by Enter the Gungeon. You play as a mascot who is fighting their way through the competition to become the new mascot of the Heineken brewery.

Fight through waves of mascots as you find all the levers to open the final boss room and defeat the tired outdated mascot and take your rightful place.

Dungeons: Projects

In this project I took on a Project Lead & Technical Designer role.
Roles and responsibilities:


  • Manage GitHub

  • Manage Trello

Key Technical Design Contributions

  • Create wave system & manager

  • Create Enemy AI

  • Create weapon system & types

  • Create pickups

For this project I was the only Technical Designer so to help with the work load I took a very system-oriented approach to the project, attempting to make all assets or systems as versatile as possible. In doing so I ensured my own workload didn’t get too high as well as ensuring that the designers would be easily able to implement assets without complicated setup or alterations. This project was also one of my first explorations of Juicy game feel, which really helped to the projects overall feel.

Games Design Document Page

Dungeons: Projects
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