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Project Bee

April 2020 - June 2020

Project Bee: Welcome

For my Junior collaborative module I was put in a group of 16 other students, made up of fellow second years and third years who would be taking on the roles of seniors and leads for the projects development. We decided to create a very casual game similar to Untitled Goose game or Goat simulator. within the group we then split into 3 main departments, Technical Design, Games Design & Art allowing each person to join the department most suiting their departments which for me was technical design.

Project Bee: Projects

In this project I took on the role of a Junior Technical Designer with the other two Senior Technical Designers.

Role and responsibilities:

Junior Technical Designer:

  • Creating the base movement system

  • Creating the base camera

  • Creating the poppable balloons & air balloons

  • Creating the tennis ball shooter

  • Creating various other small blueprints & working towards bug fixing and small improvements.

My role primarily focused on creating the base systems and smaller fun blueprints for the game while the other designers worked on the system based mechanics. I also was tasked with fixing any of the smaller bugs that came up in development to help keep progress moving on creating new assets.


Project Bee: Projects
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