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January 2021 - June 2021

Dungeons: Welcome

For my Senior collaborative module I was put
in a group of 14 other students, made up of fellow third years and second years Split into senior and junior developers, as well as a Lead for the three major departments, Art, Technical Design & Games Design. We decided to create an Isometric Dungeon Crawler game inspired by Minecraft Dungeons & Tiny keep.
You are an adventurer who finds themselves in an infested skeleton fortress, exploring, discovering collectibles and upgrading your skills as you fight your way through the skeleton hordes to defeat the three skeleton kings and take their thrones.

Dungeons: Projects

In this project I took on the Lead Technical Designer role, As well as taking on a Senior Designer role later in the project.
Roles and responsibilities:


  • Manage GitHub

  • Manage Jira​

Technical Design

  • Trap & Level Element Iterations

  • Enemy AI

  • Bug fixing & Tweaks

Games Design

  • Create Initial Design Document

  • Oversee Design Documentation

Level Design

  • Create Level 1

My role primarily focused on creating the more complex systems and blueprints such as the core systems and enemy AI as well as providing support for the two junior technical designers and fixing any bugs that arose. Later in the project I also took on the role of Design senior to help ensure all of the design documentation was created and kept up to date. Additionally I was in charge of managing the technical and design teams Jira as well as the projects Github.

High Concept Document
Games Design Document
Technical Design Document

Enemy showreel
Level Flythrough Page


Dungeons: Projects
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